Lo que una despedida me dejó

The wind will take on, life will grow and so on turn,
You will see them come and go, get old and be born,
You will see them leave and return, sunder and tie up,
But above all these, there is one you will see them do the most,
Give up upon what they call love.


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El Autor dijo...

No matter how they run the show,
The sticks and stones and broken bones,
For even if our life is short,
The burden is for those who love.

Alekz dijo...

And in the end, the love you take is equal to the love you make.


Risu dijo...

Just like it says a classic japanese excerpt about love:

"Never knew what mortal love was about, it seemed familiar yet complicated; Just like a pillar of white wispy smoke, one can see but not reach it."

Mido dijo...

Ánimo Javi!! Aunque sabes? Cada vez que escucho la canción de Pearl Jam que me dijiste también me acuerdo de Oscar jeje. Te quiero mucho!!

Jaeffier dijo...

¡Gracias a todos por sus comments! Yo se que son de corazón.
Los quiero mucho a todos!!


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